geolocation necklace

Our new location necklaces.

If you are looking for a memorable gift for someone or a present for yourself that is unique, a location necklace is a great idea.

We can carefully inscribe the geographical coordinates of a special place with special memories.

Some pictures below are of our necklaces but we can inscribe the coordinates on lots of our items.
To find your coordinates click on our product and select your coordinates.

Location coordinates can be formatted in many ways.
For instance these two are essentially the same place, just different formats.
The first format is good if space is an issue.

53.20501, -6.15334
+53.20501, -6.15334
53°20’50.1″N 6°15’33.4″W

geolocation necklace
Location necklace.
location necklace
Vertical Name bar with Location

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